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If you don’t speak french, please found below the translation of the interview

Simone Guirandou – 50 years in the promotion of contemporary arts

Simone Guirandou N’Diaye – Historian of Art

My name is Simone Guirandou, I am Historian of Art. I am an art Historian and have exhibited a lot of artists from all continents.

It was during this period that I cumulated 25 years of activities. So I published a book called “Les 5 continents à la Galerie Arts Pluriels” where I listed all the artists that I had to accompany.

Arts Pluriels Gallery – One of the first Gallery of Côte d’Ivoire

At the beginning, people were very enthusiastic, very very enthusiastic. When I started here, many people came . Perhaps my place did not lend itself since I had the easels in my garden, but… there were people.

I started with Stenka, it’s him I exposed first. And then, I exposed several people, a Canadian, a French and everyone in my garden. Then I saw the scope of  this project and I had to take a local. And that’s how I found this place in 2 Plateau neigbourhood. So I stayed there from 1991 to 2015, you know.

And I said with the evolution of Abidjan, the extension, now, you need hours and hours to moove, I had someone come, who said : “Ok! it’s possible here in the garden!” So I have sacrificed a piece of my garden, I have sacrificed my pool. And for celebrating my 30 years of careers, I said it is a change of scenery.

Simone Guirandou has exhibited students… National and international artists.

You know that I had a plastic art teacher who exhibited here, then his students asked to be exposed. But how is it happening? We look at what we need first, we discuss with the artist and we see if it is worth the presentation. Generally, we must help artists to flourish and the only way to allow them to flourish is to put its in touch with the public, to other words, to exhibit their works.

Her nickname is « The Mom of the artists »

The “Mom of the artists”, yes, there are many Ivorians who know me as a gallerist. Yes, many people in Côte d’Ivoire… And so, it means that I am recognized by them. I’m getting older but I’m still here. (laughs)

Behind the work … she wants to share the message of the artist

But it’s true that I like to receive them, I like to talk to them. And that they explain to me a little what they are doing. Because, by principle, I consider that a work of art is a means of communication too. It is a way to understand each other, identify with each other.

I am not sure there are a retirement period in our job (laughs) but since it’s a personal job, we stop when we want. I fulfilled my retirement period…no regrets (laughs)

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