“Les silencieuses”, more than a project, a workforce’s world overview

Born in 1983 in Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast), where she found her revelation for being photographer, Ly LaGazelle trained in Morocco, a country about which she cares a great deal. Enhanced and enriched by severals travels all around the world and with her strong desire to express herself through photography, she broung Weiss Gregor’s attention who gave her a chance.

Le fin du temps by Ly LaGazelle

Revealed to the public during “Les silencieuses” exhibition at the Museum of the Anima Garden at Marrakech (Morocco), Ly LaGazelle is an Ivorian photographer who is keen to highlight those men and women of the shadow are at the origin of the functioning of our system called “World”. To value them, she choose to raise our awarness on their work tools : their hands.

“Les silencieuses” are the hand wounded, suffering, dirty, clean, rough, soiled, healed, wrinkled, healed, precious, agile … those hardworking hands. These hands using in agriculture, mining, construction or the medical sector. These hands that build, nurture, comfort, transform … and which are the reflect of the soul.

“Les silencieuses” project is a social and humanitarian documentary photography project.
Indeed, for Ly LaGazelle “the hands are the reflection of our mood, our profession and our cultures. Our hands say more than words. ” That’s why by sharing with us a piece of their story, she gives voices and rights to those who have neither : these men and women of the shade.

Offrande by Ly LaGazelle

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