Jérémie Kroubo Dagnini, specialist of Jamaican musics

Jérémie Kroubo Dagnini will be presented an exclusive interview this Thursday, May 31, 2018 on the platform www.originalfound.com. Francophone specialist of Jamaican musics, let’s discover this expert through these few lines.

Jérémie Kroubo Dagnini

Jérémie Kroubo Dagnini, specialist of Jamaican musics

Francophone specialist in Jamaican music and a Franco-Ivorian writer, Jérémie Kroubo Dagnini delivers, through his various books, a profound account of the origin, history and influences of Jamaican folk musics. His unlimtless expertise, and for good reason, let him to give conferences on reggae and Jamaican music and to exprime hiself punctually in the media such as RFI, France Culture, France O, TSF Jazz, etc.

He is also often invited to take part in big events around the reggae like the AbiReggae Festival or more recently the exhibition Jamaïca Jamaïca which was held from April 4 to August 13, 2017 in Paris.

For Jérémie Kroubo Dagnini, reggae music is a committed music, a music of resistance which could modelate structurallely societies. That’s due by the big impact on a global scale.

So if you want to understand, the history of Jamaican popular musics and more broadly that of so-called “black” musics, we invite you to consult the works of Jérémie Kroubo Dagnini :

  •  2010 – Les Origines du reggae : Retour aux sources. Mento, ska, rocksteady, early reggae 
  • 2011 – Vibrations jamaïcaines. L’Histoire des musiques populaires jamaïcaines au XXe siècle
  • 2012 – Lee « Scratch » Perry: People Funny Boy
  • 2013 – Bob Marley & The Wailers: 1973-1976
  • 2014 – Rasta & Résistance (directeur d’ouvrage et préface). Auteur : Horace Campbell
  • 2015 – DJs & toasters jamaïcains : 1970-1979. Co-auteur: Eric Doumerc.
  • 2016 – Musiques noires. L’Histoire d’une résistance sonore

Site internet :  http://jeremiekroubo.wixsite.com/jeremiekroubodagnini

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