Did you know? : Let’s discover Thierry Dia

On February 21, 2018, the second video interview of an actor who promotes arts and culture will be broadcasted. It’s Thierry Dia.

For helping you to well discover the backgrounds of Thierry Dia, we will share with you some articles. So let’s start with « Did you know? »


Did you know? : Let’s discover Thierry Dia

Did you know that Thierry Dia :

  • almost 20 years in the promotion of artists and contemporary art in Côte d’Ivoire

  • through his actions, he allows to make known young talents to the general public and to benefit from a springboard for reaching renowned local and sub regional gallery owners;

  • in 2001, he launched the Houkami Guyzagn Gallery located in Cocody Vallon Cité Lemania which will be relocated to a new space in 2015, the Houkami Guyzagn Gallery, a creative residence;

  • he initiated a platform of debates and exchanges entitled “Apéro-Art” which has already taken place 36 times;

  • he exhibited a hundred artists including Charlaman, Serge Gossé, Antoine Goho, Soro Pehouet, Abolikan, Jean Baptiste Djeka, Daniel Bamigbabe, Mathilde Moreau

  • In 2001, he launched the Grand Prix Guy Nairay, the only competition for young sub-regional talents held every two years. This year will be held the 7th edition.

  • he has discovered many young artists, some of whom have become internationally renowned signatures, such as Aboudia, the young prodigy of contemporary art;

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