Did you know? : Let’s discover Simone Guirandou N’Diaye

On January 24, 2018, the first video interview of an actor who promotes arts and culture will be broadcasted. Simone Guirandou N’Diaye will be the first one.

For helping you to well discover the backgrounds of Simone Guirandou N’Diaye, we will share with you some articles. We have many things to tell you about her. So let’s start with “Did you know?”

Did you know? : Let’s discover Simone Guirandou N’Diaye

Did you know that Simone Guirandou N’Diaye :

  • is a graduate in History and Theory of Art and Applied Linguistics at the University of Otawa (Canada)

  • taught art history at the National Institute of Arts of Côte d’Ivoire (now INSAAC)

  • accumulates more than 30 years in the promotion of Contemporary Arts

  • discovered and encouraged more than 100 artists, some of whom are internationally recognized

  • created in 1985 the Arts Pluriels Gallery which became LouiSimone Guirandou Gallery in 2015

  • is a member of the Academy of Sciences, Arts, Cultures of Africa and African Diasporas (ASCAD) and a member of the International Association of Art Critics

  • launched in 2011 the International Exhibition of Plastic Arts of Abidjan (SIAPA)

  • represents today artists such as Loza Maléombho, Nu Barreto, Ernest Dükü, Charlie d’Almeida, Jean Servais Somian, Hien Macline, Issa Diabate, Led, Ana Zulma, Yagor, Hélène Bondurand, Ousmane Mbaye…


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